Avurudu at Tourist Information Centre


















Sri Lanka Tourism made the Avurudu spirit come alive by showcasing the traditions of Sri Lanka and its people, and celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on 7 April at the Tourist Information office premises in Colombo.

The event was organised by the Tourist Information Centre Colombo. The New Year celebration was open to everyone, including foreign visitors. The New Year table was adorned with traditional Avurudu sweetmeats, offering a glimpse of Sri Lankan culture and its delectable delicacies. The New Year table, brimming with New Year delicacies of all sorts, was created under a hut with a thatched roof, as it gave a view of the traditional village atmosphere inside the TIC in the heart of Colombo.

The TIC was patronised by many tourists and all were impressed with the diversity of Sri Lankan culture and cuisine. The main purpose of celebrating this occasion was to showcase the culture and tradition of the people of Sri Lanka, and also their respect for traditional values, as the Sinhala-Hindu New Year is the only occasion on the Sri Lankan calendar where an entire nation gets together at an auspicious time and celebrates this important cultural event which has descended from generation to generation.

It is not only a celebration but also an ideal time for sharing and uniting, and also circulating positive thoughts and hopes for the new year.


Source : FT


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