Avurudu comes to Cocoon Resort & Villas Induruwa






The month of April heralds in one of the most popular holidays in Sri Lanka. With the call of the ‘koha’ and the blooming of the bright red ‘Erabadu mal’, the dawn of the New Year brings joy, celebrations and unity as locals belonging to both Sinhalese and Tamil communities prepare themselves for a full week of delicious treats, various customs and traditions.

One of the best locations to pay a visit to during the festive season is the Southern province where traditions are given much prominence. The south is home to many cities that attract tourists who also enjoy partaking in the village traditions that span a week of festivities.

To experience traditional Avurudu, Cocoon Resort & Villas Induruwa invites local and international visitors during the month of April. Cocoon Resort & Villas located at Kaikawala Road, Induruwa spans 8½ acres of land that houses three grand villas, seven luxury villas and 16 ‘silk’ rooms. The villas built resembling colonial architecture add an allure of class to a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bringing the Avurudu festivities to life, Cocoon Resort & Villas will recreate a typical ‘gamey kadey’ within its premises making sweetmeats on outdoor fires. Cocoon will also put together a series of Avurudu games like ‘kottapora’ and ‘baniskaema’ for everyone to enjoy. All these activities will be held at the resort premises on 14 April.

For more information and to make reservations during the holiday season please contact 0722 330 890 or visit their website http://www.cocoonresortandvillas.com. Cocoon Resort & Villas, Induruwa is also offering a special 50% off on full board double basis for the season. The offer ends on 30 April.

Source : FT



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