Ella Mount Heaven hotel offers seasonal discounts on credit cards





















Surrounded by pure, lush landscape of Ella, the countryside, Ella Mount Heaven is on the focus of interest and immense praise of tourists.  Ella Mount Heaven Hotel expects to shower her guests with a drizzle of soothing amenities in the festive season and at the dawn of New Year. In the festive season, 35 percent discount for HSBC and Sampath credit card holders is offered and for all the other credit card holders and Brandix and Mas employees are offered special discount rates.  Ella Mount Heaven has its place in the hearts of her visitors as a real heaven mingled with warmth and chill where beauty and splendor conspire with comfort. An adventurous camping experience can be obtained from the river which flows right next to the boundaries of the hotel. Equipped with luxury, Ella Mount Heaven Hotel consists of deluxe rooms and super deluxe rooms attached with private pools. Local and foreign dishes, unbeatable hospitality, free and tranquil vicinity are a few of its inexhaustible spirit of adventure. It is simultaneously centralized by the popular tourist hot spots.

The tourists lodged at the hotel are bestowed with the inspiration to visit Rawana Ella, Dowa Temple, Bogoda Bridge, Dunhinda Ella, Tea Estates, Bridge of Seven Arches and Little Adam’s Peak. Infused with fabulous architecture, Ella Mount Heaven (www.ellamountheaven.com) opens doors to an escapade upon green ring of rich hills.  Being a suitable corridor for both free and luxurious retreat and happy functions, Ella Mount Heaven often wins foreigners. According to the management, that is why there is an especial demand by the foreign tourists. It has established its print in hospitality, thus adorning its identity.


Source : DM


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