German Travel Association mulls holding next AGM in Sri Lanka

Deutscher Reise Verband (DRV), also known as German Travel Association, may hold its annual general meeting (AGM) in Sri Lanka with the participation of over 800 of its members, a media statement from Sri Lanka’s Tourism Ministry said. Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs Minister John Amaratunga was quoted as saying in the statement that Sri Lanka Tourism with the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) and Sri Lanka Convention Bureau would provide all required facilities to make the event successful.  DRV has said that a group of its members will visit Sri Lanka to see the venues and other logistic facilities required for its venue. DRV is a leading tourism association consisting of tour operators, travel agents as well as associated members such as airlines and railways linked to the tourism industry.  DRV represents approximately 85 percent of the total revenue of the German travel and agency tour operators market.  According to Sri Lanka Tourism, hosting such an event in Sri Lanka would be an ideal opportunity to gain new contacts within the German tourism industry.   The initial discussions towards this had started when Sri Lanka Tourism made representation to DRV during the recently concluded ITB, requesting it to hold its AGM in Sri Lanka in 2018.  Sri Lanka hosted the French Travel Agents’ Congress or SNAV in November 2016, where over 350 French travel agents visited Sri Lanka.

Source : DM


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