Sri Lanka captures Bollywood – shows potential to become a favorite location for Indian films

As a destination blessed with all the natural wonders and captivating landscapes, Sri Lanka was able to become the cynosure of all eyes at the ‘India International Film Tourism Conclave – 2017’ (IIFTC).

The event was held from 23rd to 25th February at the J W Marriott Hotel, Juhu, for the 4th consecutive year amongst a distinguished audience including the stalwarts of the Indian Cinema industry and leading film producers participating from Bollywood, Kollywood, and other regional industries including Thelingu, Marathi and Bengali film industries.

Sri Lanka Tourism was able to showcase the island nation’s cultural and natural splendor by participating at this gala event, with over 18 other destinations, inclined to show their own identity to the Cinematic industry.

Saroja Sirisena, Sri Lanka Consulate General for Mumbai, and officials of the Sri Lanka Mission in Mumbai, India, extended their support to make this effort a success.

This was the first time Sri Lanka participated at this event, and the presentation made by Sri Lanka Tourism captured the full attention of the crowd with its display of breathtakingly stunning landscapes.

The presentation also drew the attention of other competitors at the same time, since it was a new experience for them to watch the lush greenery, cultural splendor, and exquisite beaches, and many more pleasures which Sri Lanka had to offer. The purpose of participating at event was to showcase Sri Lanka as a popular film destination, equipped with all the natural resources that one needs.

By presenting such an attractive display of the island nation, Sri Lanka Tourism was able to convince the Indian film producers to think of choosing Sri Lanka as the next film location for their creative works of art. As a compact destination with various natural and a large diversity, located just a few kilometers away from each other, Sri Lanka can be shown as a destination which can be an ideal location for the perfect film shoot.

In presenting destination Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Tourism further highlighted the fact, that having a distance of less than 2500 km to the heart of Bollywood and having frequent flights from all around India to Colombo, Sri Lanka is a location that India must not neglect. The opportunity of having the dynamic visa process, cultural variety and rich local film industry equipped with European standard production equipment, the arrival of more high profile Indian film industry representatives to Sri Lanka is expected, to produce more Indian Films, using Sri Lankan locations.

Taking this event as a great opportunity, Sri Lanka Tourism is planning to organize a location familiarization tour program for selected high profile film directors and producers from the Indian Cinema in order to enhance their awareness about the destination and showcase Sri Lanka’s capability to facilitate the Indian Cinema industry. Sri Lanka Tourism was represented by Mr. Chaminda Munasinghe, JM, (PR Division) Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.



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