Cinnamon launches country’s largest crowd-sourced destination campaign

The Cinnamon Sri Lanka Photo Contest 2017: Sri Lanka through your eyes, the country’s largest crowd-sourced destination campaign to date. 037The contest is part of a strategic effort to use crowd-sourcing to create a comprehensive destination image bank for Sri Lanka, whilst raising the profile of the country as a preferred travel destination.

The competition expects to draw on the participation of amateur and professional photographers and videographers from around the world, who will have the opportunity to submit their images and footage of the island and vie for the prestigious title of ‘Cinnamon Sri Lanka Photographer of the Year’.

Participants will be able to compete in seven different categories; Nature, Culture & People, Landscapes & Cityscapes, Interiors, Activities & Adventure, Deeper Perspective/Photo-Essay and Travel Shorts. The competition will enable the collection of over 30,000 original, creative and striking images and video clips of Sri Lanka that will feature different aspects and highlights of the island from a range of perspectives.

From Sri Lanka’s picturesque beaches to its historical landmarks and natural treasures, the competition will help showcase the diverse attractions that the country has to offer whilst capturing the very essence of a vibrant, warm and contemporary Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the contest, Dileep Mudadeniya, Head of Brand Marketing – Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts stated: “Through the successful implementation of the contest, we hope to further support national tourism efforts and portray Sri Lanka as a diverse and compact holiday hotspot that has the potential to cater to the interests of any traveller.”

The winner of the grand prize will receive the title of ‘Cinnamon Photographer of the Year’ along with a cash prize of $ 5,000, international media exposure, a six-page spread in the Cinnamon Magazine and an all-expense paid, 21-day tour of Sri Lanka. The best videographer will also receive a cash prize of $ 2,500 along with an all-expense paid, 10-day tour of the island. Additionally, a cash prize of $ 500 will be given to the winners of each individual category.

All of the submissions will be assessed by a world-renowned panel of judges including Karl Taylor, Ami Vitale, Paul Goldstein, Chitral Jayatilake, Gehan De Silva Wijeyeratne and Dinesh Khanna.

This year, Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, has partnered with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts as a sponsor of this milestone initiative. Other partners include Sri Lanka Tourism, SriLankan Airlines, eMarketingeye, the National Tour Guides’ Association, Walkers Tours, Cinnamon Air, the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Emerging Media. The competition is being facilitated entirely on the Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts website and applicants are welcome to submit photographs and video clips that have been taken in Sri Lanka between 1 January 2014 and 15 May 2017.

To find out more, log on to The deadline for all

submissions is 15 May. Register now and snap your way to the grand prize – #Cinnamon PhotoContest.

See more at: FT

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