Tourism Fest concludes after being major crowd-puller


Tourism Fest 2016, which was organised by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in collaboration with the private and public sectors from 20-23 December, concluded recently after being a major attraction in Colombo.

This year the mega event attracted a large crowd of both the young and old. All the event’s sections, including the entertainment and cultural areas, were patronised by many people. This time more families were seen enjoying the festive fun. There were 20 food outlets including well-known restaurants and five star hotels, 21 private sector stalls and five Government stalls.

The three armed forces too contributed to the event by showcasing their skills through cultural activities.

The glamour and colour which was added by the dance troupes and the visit of Sabina Thorsen, Miss Sri Lanka in Europe, added a fairytale atmosphere to the festivities.

All the stalls had good sales, which depicted the success of the event. The iconic Christmas tree and the presence of Santa was a grand treat for the children, who were thrilled especially when Santa handed out Christmas candies to them.

Based on popular demand, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has decided to organise the Tourism Fest for next year as well. The public’s participation in Tourism Fest was a clear indication that the new year will start with a cheerful tune and showed signs that Sri Lanka was indeed a major tourist attraction, especially with creative concepts like these to keep tourists interested in this wonderful paradise island.




Source- FT


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