Medical travel alliance to promote Sri Lanka’s health tourism

Sri Lanka is seeking international medical tourism certification for health and wellness providers and agencies countrywide to maintain highest standards in medical/healthcare tourism and prevent unacceptable practices tarnishing the image of the country, Export Development Board officials said.

The appropriate legislation is to be introduced to regulate the industry, they added.

The Medical Travel Quality Alliance based in Thailand has been assigned by the EDB to evaluate the quality standard and award international certification for Sri Lankan Health/Medical Tourism Services Providers such as Hospitals/Clinics/Ayurvedic Hospitals/Hotels/Spas.

MTQUA President Julie Munro, who arrived in the island on Monday morning, told the Business Times, “medical tourism certification is awarded to a hospital, clinic or medical tourism agency that meets the international standard of quality in 10 areas that directly impact a medical tourist’s wellbeing and good results”.

“Medical tourists are traveling to get better, not to get frustrated, or cheated,” she said adding that “they need extra care, services and consideration, and trust their hospital or agent to deliver health services.”

Lanka Hospitals has become Sri Lanka’s first health care provider to achieve international medical tourism certification from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA), she disclosed.

Lanka Hospitals has undergone an evaluation for several months that included in-depth interviews and a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures against international standards of quality in 10 non-clinical areas that directly influence a medical traveller’s wellbeing and outcomes, she revealed. (Bandula)

Source-Sunday Times


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