Cirque Lanka enters Sri Lanka

By Charumini de Silva

Cirque Lanka, an international production with a unique fusion of traditional Sri Lankan dance and music with European new circus, was launched yesterday in Colombo.

Cirque Lanka comes into Sri Lanka with a long-term theatrical project based on international cultural cooperation to promote Colombo as a modern cultural capital in the world.

The premier show will commence today at 7.30 p.m. at the Viharamahadevi Open Air Theater, which will run for about 90 minutes and will be performed daily until 31 March 2017 bringing quality entertainment for the whole family.

Cirque Lanka General Director Jakub Vedral told the Daily FT that they have invested over $ 250,000 for this project and his team has come to Sri Lanka with a 10-year plan to promote Colombo as a modern cultural capital.


From left: Cirque Lanka Consultant M. N. Sathar, Cirque Lanka Marketing Specialist Petra Kejklickova, Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga, SLTPB Chairman Paddy Withana, Cirque Lanka General Director Jakub Vedral and Cirque Lanka Art Director Adam Renc

“We are here with a long-term plan and as a tourist who had been staying in Sri Lanka for over three months; I have found that evening cultural entertainment was missing in Colombo. Hence this project would be a great platform to showcase Sri Lanka’s long and rich cultural heritage to travellers from around the world,” he added.

Noting that they would initially limit their entertainment show to Colombo he pointed out they have plans to expand the show to Galle and other popular tourist destinations in the country.

“After 20 years of experience in the field, I know that if there is something that can bring people together no matter age, education, religion, opinion, it is culture. It just connects people,” Vedral stressed.

Speaking at the launch event, Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga said that with the peak tourism season just beginning in Sri Lanka, the much needed quality evening entertainment void has been filled with the launch of Cirque Lanka in Colombo.

With tourist arrivals increasing significantly, the Minister pointed out that it was important to have sufficient entertainment activities in Colombo.

Amaratunga said that the launch of Cirque Lanka in Colombo was a testimony to the fact that Sri Lanka was the most popular tourist destination in South Asia at present. The Minister asserted that Sri Lanka and Czech Republic had maintained good relations and therefore this project would further strengthen nationals from both countries to visit each other more often and explore different cultures.

Full Story at –FT


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