Blissful escapism into the natural world at Jetwing Yala and Jetwing Tented Villas

Imagine the wild growths of an untamed semi-arid jungle – red dust, thick scrub and lakes as still as glass. Imagine also, the life this wilderness holds – from the graceful wings of endemic and migrant birds to the quiet footfalls of the elusive leopard. Now imagine waking up with all this wonder outside your window.

At the world-renowned Jetwing Yala and Jetwing Tented Villas, you will be fully immersed in the magic that is the wild of south-western Sri Lanka. Located barely ten minutes from the gates of the Yala National Park, the properties are designed to allow guests to embrace the natural wonders of the region while basking in the luxury experience that Jetwing offers.

In addition to the variety of amenities it offers, Jetwing boasts a tremendous commitment to sustainability and the environment. Jetwing Yala hosts one of the island’s largest privately-owned solar parks. This, coupled with responsible wildlife tourism under the guidance of Jetwing’s expert naturalists, ensures that your stay in the wild has a memorable, positive impact.

With 80 rooms built to seamlessly blend into the surroundings, spending time in the resort premises allows you to fully soak in the natural terrain while sampling the comforts of a luxury stay. Featuring three bars – in the lobby, by the pool and by the sea – alongside an international dining and a fusion dining restaurant, Jetwing Yala spoils its guests with the finest dining opportunities featuring dishes created with care by expert chefs.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast the glamping experience at Jetwing Tented Villas in essence has the best location in view of the endless seas, the majestic star studded sky, and few visitors from the animal kingdom. The fully-fledged 10 decked luxurious villas come with butler service and packages inclusive of unlimited supply of beer and safari packages to the Yala National Park. The guests can choose from the many dining options be it by the beach or bonfire or on the deck, the Jetwing Tented Villas are a private enclosure closer to the natural world.

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