45th Miss Intercontinental Pageant In Sri Lanka

202Sri Lanka is set to host the Miss Intercontinental pageant on October 16. Having competed with over 80 countries to be the preferred destination, it certainly brings prestige and pride to the paradise Island.This is the first  time that a reputed global pageant is being held in Sri Lanka and the first time in 20 years that a major pageant will be held in South Asia.

‘Surrounded by bountiful waves and exotic beauty all around, Sri Lanka is known to many as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and to support or to underline the beauty all around  – what else can be better than bringing the beautiful queens of 70 countries to an exotic paradise like Sri Lanka. No doubt Sri Lanka has become the most loved tourist destination in the world, and we are glad to be able to support and to promote Sri Lanka worldwide with our presence, spirit and passion – so let us create a platform to support the dreams of the young and talented women of today and write history by having one of the oldest international beauty pageants in the world..,’ said Detlef Tursies – CEO – Miss Intercontinental Organization, Europe. The year 2016 will mark the 45th anniversary of the Miss Intercontinental pageant, which inaugrated in Aruba – 1971,and continues to gain recognition in the pageant world. This years’ pageant is themed ‘The  FairyTale’, which will be organized and conceptualized by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.The event is a brainchild of  MIO-SA, an  international companyspecializing in beauty and modeling events across the world. Empowered by this combination of beauty and intelligence, participants in these beauty pageants experience a positive transformation  characteristically in their everyday lives advancing their career, personal and humanitarian goals and seeking to improve the lives of others.

Over 70 agencies  (National Beauty Organizations)  associated with the pageant world-wide, producet heir castings and shows to select their national winners to compete in the event. The pageant has a rich history of bringingt ogether some of the most impressive, beautiful and interesting women and models from different backgrounds and cultures.

Title holders from over 60 countries will be in Sri Lanka for this event and will travel around the country enjoying a pre-pageant tour courtesy Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts. The contestants will engage themselves in various thrilling activities around the country two weeks prior to the finale. The excitement will also involve mini pageants and acitivites in various locations of Sri Lanka. These title holders from across the world will inevitably ambassador on behalf of Sri Lanka as they will be sharing their experiences back home and through their dynamic social media platforms.

The crown named ‘Oriental Holy Water’ and worth over USD 360,000 was worn by the reigning Miss Intercontinental Valentina Rasulova from Russia, when she made the official event declaration at the press-briefing hosted by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts on September 1.

The pageant to be held on October 16 will feature international entertainment acts and the participation of celebrity judges. The event will be followed by an exclusive after-party in Colombo.




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