New boutique beach hotel to open in Sri Lanka

The company behind the recent KK by George boutique hotel in Galle has unveiled plans to open a new property on Sri Lanka’s coast.

Scheduled to launch in December 2016, the new KK Beach is being billed as a “contemporary beachfront boutique hotel and beach club”. Located near Habaraduwa, 12km from Galle on the island’s south coast, the new hotel will overlook the Indian Ocean.

The open plan ground floor area will house a restaurant and lounge, along with the works of Sri Lankan artists, which will change regularly and be available for guests to buy. A swimming pool and outdoor restaurant separate the hotel from the sandy beach.

‘KK’ stands for ‘Kahanda Kanda’, which already stands as one of Sri Lanka’s most impressive hotels, located on the shores of Lake Koggola, near Galle. The new KK Beach and Kahanda Kanda will work in conjunction with each other, and a free shuttle service will run between the two properties.

Via Travel Daily Media


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