Sri Lanka Tourism participates at BIT – International Tourism Exchange, Milan, Italy

Sri Lanka Tourism officials at the event.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau headed 18 top company representatives in the travel and hotel sectors operating in the Italian market to showcase Sri Lanka at the BIT International Tourism Exchange Travel fair held from held from 11th- 13th February 2016 in Millan, Italy.

Daya Pelpola, the Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Rome, Italy and Pradeepa De Seram, Consul General for Sri Lanka in Milan, Italy inaugurated Sri Lanka stand at the fair on 11th Feb., the first day of the event by lighting of oil lamp with the industry members to give a glimpse of Sri Lanka culture.

BIT is an event which brings together trade operators from all over the world including travel lovers, television reporters and press. Over the years BIT has been an international meeting point for decision-makers, professionals, buyers, sharply outlined and selected, coming from different areas and industry fields.

Italy is a country of over 60 million population, and is the 8th largest economy in the world. Italy is among the world’s top tourism destinations in both inbound and outbound. Italians consider it as a national tradition to make a vacation – often outside of Italy itself.

Italy is the 6th largest market among European countries after UK, Germany, France, Russia and The Netherlands. Sri Lanka identified Italy as one of the important markets in Southern Europe. It is confirmed with the tourist arrivals which were generated from Italian market so far Sri Lanka Tourism has generated tourist arrivals of 24,293 in year 2015 which was a 15% increase year-on-year.

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