Swedish Royal Family rep at Sri Lanka Tourism Pavilion in Sweden

  • Tourist arrivals grow 18.7% in August 
  • Cumulative arrivals cross 1.1 m at 17.1%
  • Scandinavian arrival surge 31.9%
  • China beats India for 2nd month in a row

In the backdrop of tourist arrivals picking up to grow by 18.7% in August 2015 and cumulative numbers registering 17.1% at 1172,465 visitors to Sri Lanka, the industry received a boost when the key market of Scandinavia will have the presence of the Swedish Royal family at the Sri Lanka Pavilion at the TUR Fair 2015 be staged in September, said Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Chairman Dr. Rohantha Athukorala.

The TUR fair attracts the top tourism professionals in the Scandinavian region where Sri Lanka Tourism will profile the country with a road show in Stockholm and then followed with a Sri Lankan cuisine night that will lead to the Sri Lanka Tourism Pavilion hosting the auctioning of the Ceylon Blue Sapphire.

Athukorala went on to state: “August tourism arrivals are encouraging but we must attract the $ 250 plus tourists and we must use every attraction that Sri Lanka product has so that this end result can be achieved so that industry financial viability is addressed whilst promoting the country.”

– See more at: http://www.ft.lk/article/467303/Swedish-Royal-Family-rep-at-Sri-Lanka-Tourism-Pavilion-in-Sweden#sthash.lTghuVfF.dpuf

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