JA Resorts & Hotels to consult and manage a new Sri Lanka luxury beach resort

UAE-based JA Resorts & Hotels announced that it will be developing a premium tropical beach resort in Kathiraveli on the East Coast of Sri Lanka in partnership with the Gravity Resort Group (GRG) – strengthening JA Resorts & Hotels’ international expansion plans.

shri lankaTo be known as JA Eclipse Beach Resort, the property marks JA Resorts & Hotels’ third premium tropical beach resort in the Indian Ocean.  As part of its expansion strategy, JA Resorts & Hotels launched its first premium destination in the Seychelles, Enchanted Island Resort, in December 2013, rapidly followed with JA Manafaru in the Maldives in November 2014.

GRG will fund the development of US$ 30 million while JA Resorts & Hotels will be responsible for consultation, and ultimately management of the completed resort.

Formalising an agreement on the second day of the annual Arabian Travel Market being held in Dubai, JA Resorts & Hotels and GRG marked the first 5-star luxury tourist destination to be developed on the East Coast of Sri Lanka – a jewel in the Indian Ocean that since 2009 has seen rapid growth in tourist numbers.  Tourism numbers increased from 450,000 in 2009 to 1,5 million visitors by the end of 2014 – and this number is predicted to increase on average by 20 – 25% annually according to the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority.

The Group, which prides itself on more than 30 years’ experience managing and operating resorts and hotels, also places a premium on associate wellbeing.

Read more at rustourismnews


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