MillenniumIT implements smart hospitality solution for Cinnamon Red


MillenniumIT completed the deployment of a one-of-a-kind interactive IT solution for the newest Cinnamon hotel in the city of Colombo; the lean luxury property Cinnamon Red.

This solution allows the hotel to enhance their guest experience with smart solutions such as personalised welcome screens, in-room information and entertainment, better connectivity, and enhanced security. This pioneering solution is the first of its kind to be built for the local hospitality industry.

MillenniumIT’s converged networking allows for the next generation in guest experiences, created especially to meet the challenges of the dynamic hospitality industry. Cinnamon Red can now offer numerous conveniences through multiple services such as data, IP telephony and IPTV to run through a single network. The IPTV interface is customised to welcome guests and allow them to view the hotel services and facilities, keep track of their bills, display information, etc.

Meanwhile, the accompanying high-speed wireless access enables guests to access the internet 24/7 through their mobiles and laptops, whilst allowing the hotel to manage bandwidth based on user demand. The converged solution also allows for CCTV monitoring, brings with it an inbuilt PA system, and also allows IT teams to seamlessly monitor their systems.

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