Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up by 18%, focuses on cruise tourism


In Sri Lanka tourist arrivals have increased by 18% in the month of March to 157,051 and cumulative as at end of 1st quarter to 478,838 with a growth of 13.6%.

The cruise travel business popularly known as the ‘floating marine resorts of the world’ that attracts the most wealthy, globally has doubled in business for Sri Lanka with 14 cruise liners calling the country in 2012/13, registering visitor arrivals of 19,615 cruise travellers while in 2013/2014 Sri Lanka attracted 22 cruise liners into Sri Lanka with visitor numbers going up to 27,317 while this year the numbers have spiked to 40 cruise liner arrivals and overall visitors expected to be 50,000+, which is a sizable market to focus on said Bhashwara Senanka Gunarathn, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism who met the core committee of the SLITO working group on cruise tourism headed by veteran, Bernie Dole. On the other hand, the whale watching business is worth globally over 2 billion dollars as per research specialist Erick Hoyt and only in just half a decade it has doubled in business for countries in the coastline that have this attraction.

SriLankan Airlines under a new business model will make a turn around and start earning profits from the 2017-18 financial year, said its Chairman, Ajith Dias. He said that under this program all sectors of the airline would be reviewed and loss making sectors would be re looked at closely. “This program would also look at adopting a new professional business culture that would work to a common agenda leading towards profits.”

[ Via Travel News Digest ]


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