Sri Lanka Government Promises More Facilities For Anuradhapura Pilgrims

Proper facilities will be provided to local and foreign tourists visiting the historic Anuradhapura historic city in Sri Lanka. This will see an increase in tourists visiting the area, North Central Chief Minister Peshala Bandara Jayarathna said.

He was speaking at the opening of a provincial tourist information centre build at Rs. 30 million in the Anuradhapura city.

It had taken around 11 years to complete the building complex.

“Proper facilities such as comfortable accommodation, transport, security, food and correct guidance should be provided to tourists flowing to Anuradhapura historic city. Sri Lanka is a tiny island but has earned a name in the international tourist industry for centuries,” he said.

The North Central Province has a large number of monuments of archaeological, historical, cultural and religious importance, coupled with natural resources and scenic beauty, he said. “The tourist industry if administered and maintained in the correct way, adhering to international tourism norms with our traditional hospitality, it would generate a lucrative income to our people”, Jayarathna said.

Plans are underway to promote foreign and local tourism in collaboration with the private sector as shown in the case of the newly opened Anuradhapura Tourist Information Centre, the Chief Minister said.

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