Cinnamon Lakeside partially shutdown for repairs

Cinnamon Lakeside will be closed partially (for about seven months) resulting in at least 40 per cent of the rooms being unavailable for use while work is carried out on its pergolas for emergency health and safety repairs, Cinnamon Hotels GM Rohan Karr said this week. However all the public areas in the hotel including the restaurants will be open and operate as usual while the balance rooms will also be occupied. An announcement to the Colombo Stock Exchange on Monday said the hotel will be partially closed from March 30 to October (seven months).

The 30-year old hotel requires such renovations and sections of its rooms would be closed during the time period such repairs are carried out. During this period 30-40 per cent of the 346 rooms would be made unavailable, he explained, adding that this is even though there is no work inside the rooms.

The exterior of the hotel on the balconies or pergolas of the bedrooms require repair work, Mr. Karr said adding that “we don’t compromise on health and safety at any cost.”

The cost of the repairs would be around Rs.380 million. This work was unlikely to cause any noise disturbance to the guests staying at the hotel during this time, Mr. Karr said.

[ Via The Sunday Times ]


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