Sri Lanka Tourism includes Scandinavian countries in focus market drive

Sri Lanka Tourism includes Scandinavian countries in focus market driveThe leadership of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau has re looked its overall portfolio of markets and has strategically selected one of the key focus areas globally – Scandinavian countries to focus market Sri Lanka as a destination for travel in the future. A high-powered Sri Lankan delegation took part at last week’s key travel and tourism exhibition at Gothenburg in Sweden-TUR to carefully identify the next steps in the roll out of Sri Lanka tourism as a preferred destination said Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Rohantha Athukorala.

Given that Sri Lanka has extended the hands politically to the west and the diaspora, we have seen a sudden influx of top end tourists from Scandinavia and now the focus must be how to develop this market along 8 wonderful experiences in 8 wonderful days in Sri Lanka.

TUR tourism exhibition and travel fair is not just an event where the industry gets together in Sweden but its careful architecture, where key people in the region gets invited for the event whilst, prior registration is a must for entry said the official website TUR. It is also a place where top buyers and suppliers meet for lead generations and future business deals coming to a close said Athukorala who said the current 11.6% growth in travelers must be increased.  The typical per capita income of a Scandinavian is between $25,000 – 35,000 dollars, hence we are looking at a changing clientele than just fixing ourself on the number game.

“As we speak there is a TV crew from TF-4 to film a culinary expedition branded ‘ Exotic Kitchen’ that will reach 9 million viewers during prime time in Sweden which means 100% penetration for brand Sri Lanka as a destination. Once the awareness is built a sharp below the line campaign will be developed together with the private sector operators so that awareness to conversion can be made to happen” voiced chairman Athukorala.

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