Galle Face Hotel ready to begin a new chapter

South Asia’s leading grand dame, The Galle Face Hotel, is testimony to both Sri Lanka’s colonial past and its independent present. An icon in the hospitality world, it blends historical architectural splendor with crafted modernity to form a new model for heritage properties.

Restoring Galle Face Hotel to its former glory through leveraging its exceptional architectural resonance will commence a new chapter in its history. The entire North Wing, formerly known as the ‘Classic Wing’ of the hotel has undergone a two-year restoration in which significant changes to the structure and service facilities have been carried out. Maintaining the hotel’s original architectural and historical value has been foremost in the owner’s mind.

The North Wing, its rooms and restaurants have all been remodelled, refurbished and upgraded with added luxury to deliver seamless service. While blending with the culture and heritage of the country, the hotel has also been modernised to keep up with global service standards.

The hotel is intrinsically linked to the history and heritage of Sri Lanka and the project is guided by an uncompromising commitment to preserve the unique ambience for guests to enjoy. It has invested heavily on staff training and back of house refurbishment to increase service standards to ensure its
internationally acclaimed world-class hospitality.

Sophisticated travellers from all walks who enjoy the finer things in life seek out the most exclusive and memorable experiences. Each trip is approached as an opportunity to seek out atypical destinations, to discover somewhere new with singular charm, distinct traditions and stories. To this end, the hotel is working hard to achieve so much more than just delivering a normal hotel experience.

As part of the restoration, the entire front façade of the hotel has been completely revamped to restore it to its former glory and is modelled on its original design, reflecting its unique style of timeless architecture for which the hotel was renowned in its early years.

The interior of the wing has also been similarly restored to its former glory including the Sea Spray Restaurant, Executive Lounge, Verandah Restaurant and Bar and The Grand Ballroom, Jubilee Room, Conservatory and Reception. In addition the Galle Face Hotel will have an internationally acclaimed standalone restaurant, renowned for its strong concept, impeccable service and outstanding dishes.

All rooms and suites too have undergone a significant facelift to reflect all of the old world charm that the Galle Face Hotel is internationally renowned for, while blending all necessary modern amenities for the comfort and luxury of the most perceptive traveller. All furnishings and facilities in the rooms have been tastefully designed to reflect traditional values whilst maintaining a balance of modernity.

All team members have been intensively trained to give a professional guest experience and are given the opportunity to learn in depth about the hotels history in order to use that knowledge to offer superior customer service, adding value to the hotel experience.

[ Via FT ]


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