US expertise for N’Eliya cable car project

The first phase of the cable car project in Nuwara Eliya, which was set to be pulled from Lake Gregory to Single Tree Mountain with an investment of US$ 9 million is currently undergoing studies with plans to bring down feasibility experts from the United States.

The entire project, when completed, is set to exceed an investment of Rs. 700 million.

Milanka Gajanayake

“The project had to face a few hiccups with the onset of the recent climate changes. The initial plan was to complete the project by April 2014. But, the Swiss partners who are assisting in importing the cable cars have wanted changes to the original plan of including Single Tree mountain as one of the main connections,” said MLM Associates, Executive Director, Milanka Gajanayake.

“The main reason for getting down the US mountain and rock experts is to ensure the weight hold of Single Tree mountain where most of the construction is also set to take place,” Gajanayake acknowledged.

The studies is set to commence by the end of January 2015 and the initiation of the entire project will depend on their analysis.

Gajanayake also added, “The construction time frame is currently being affected with the constant flow of interruptions due to the weather and a number of other catalysts. We want to remain confident about the near future and hope to see the project come to light in time.”

The project is segmented into three phases to extend to nearly 7.5 km with the second phase commencing from the Single Tree Mountain to Mahagastota and the third phase extending from Mahagastota to the planned airport at Nuwara Eliya. The cable cars would be dual powered; solar and wind and each cabin would have the capacity for 15 persons.

[Via Daily News]


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