Sri Lanka to launch maiden luxury cruises from Colombo

Royal Asian Cruises (RAC) has announced that it will homeport two luxury liners in Colombo with trips starting in 4Q2015.

These two liners will also be Sri Lanka’s maiden luxury cruises, and will mainly depart from Colombo on short sailings around the Indian Ocean ports such as Maldives and Kochi, along with longer 10- or 11-night round-trip sailings to Singapore.

Rupa Ray, manager of tours, Singapore-based Jesal Brothers Tours and Travel, said: “Sri Lanka is a growing source market and increasingly Singaporeans are exploring the emerald isle. A round-trip luxury cruise between Colombo and Singapore will be a hot selling ticket.”

Meanwhile, RAC has also made an investment of US$200 million and will acquire two more cruises by 2016. According to its chairman, Mano Sinnarajah, there are plans to acquire up to five ships by 2018 with a total investment of US$720 million.

[Via TTG Asia]


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