More Omanis prefer a Sri Lankan holiday

More Omanis prefer a Sri Lankan holiday
By Kabeer Yousuf

With its sandy shores and cool clime and with its impeccable hospitality and friendly people, Sri Lanka is attracting more Omanis to its diverse terrain, thanks to a budget holiday that the various agencies are offering.

There is a great potential for Oman as a destination for Sri Lankans as well, according to a Sri Lankan Airlines official. Just as this island nation is being marketed in the Sultanate, the rugged mountains and blue water and the time-tested Omani hospitality can also be marketed in Colombo which has been a lucrative destination for many.
“We are receiving more Omanis as our guests to Sri Lanka and in the past two years it has steadily gone high”, Deepal Pallegangoda, (pictured inset) Manager — Oman, Sri Lankan Airlines told the Observer.
“We are in the process of marketing the Sultanate of Oman in Sri Lanka just as more and more Omanis are preferring our nation to be their holiday destination thanks to the various holiday packages and the recent extended holidays that people from Omanis given to”, he added. He further said that efforts are underfoot for implementing the strategy of marketing their host nation in their country and the talks are on with Oman’s Ministry of Tourism.
“We are in the process of initiating various levels of talks with the authorities of Ministry of Tourism and other tourism related entities in these countries”, Deepal, who recently came to the helm of the airlines added.
Sri Lanka has earlier announced that Oman is a desired destination for many a Sri Lankan and has also launched a series of activities to explore opportunities with the ‘Sri Lanka Trade Fair and Food Festival’ where a miniature face of the Island country was replicated.
“We have identified Oman as one of the potential markets that Sri Lankan exporters and entrepreneurs could enter easily with confidence due to its low competitiveness and rich market conditions. In line with that, we welcomed the corporate bodies, business entities and companies in Sri Lanka who took part in the exhibition and they were happy with the outcome”, he added.
“I believe Oman is a promising destination for Sri Lankan products and services. This will be an excellent opportunity for both countries to promote and expand bilateral trade relations, further. I am positive that this Exhibition will further strengthen the excellent relationship and increase bilateral trade between the Sultanate and Sri Lanka”, he further added.
“We have some appointed agents in Oman and we need some inbound arrangements here and to achieve that, we have Mezoon Travel and Travel City Travel Consortium as our representatives here. We also have advertisements about Oman in Sri Lanka. With daily flights, the Sri Lankan airlines carrying many visitors to back and forth. Since we are the member of One World, we have lots of opportunities to connect with the rest of the world”.
Deepal added that the island nation was aiming at more of human relation than of business connections as a matter of Sri Lankan hospitality.

[Via Oman Daily Observer]


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