Diva China to build Five Star hotel in Sri Lanka

Diva Investment and Management Group of China is to build a 300 room five star hotel in Sri Lanka. The company is also looking at acquiring a four or Five Star hotel which is now in operation in a bid to fast track their operations in Sri Lanka.

Zhang Zhi Li, Chairman of the Group with President,   FCCISL, Kumara Mallimarachchi, Secretary General FCCISL, Nalin Atigalle and other members in Colombo. Picture by Saliya Rupaisnghe

Zhang Zhi Li, Chairman of the Group, China speaking to Daily News Business said that he is now in Sri Lanka on a fact finding mission and he is bullish about Sri Lanka.“The country after the war and with political stability is turning to be an investment paradise and I am keen to do large scale business in the island,” he said. The Chairman has also visited the Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development Zone during his visit. He said that he operates one of the largest Travel Agencies in China and he is also keen to promote Sri Lanka as a destination for Chinese Tourists. “We see great potential in promoting Sri Lanka to Chinese religious and leisure sectors,” he said.

Zhi Li said he is also looking at investing in large scale real estate development projects. “What I am looking at is to build a large town ship development project which would offer over 300 housing units,” he said.

He said with the rising energy costs, ‘Green Energy’ would be in demand and he is looking at making inroads in this area as well. “I am looking at setting us a factory to build solar panels in Sri Lanka for both the local and international market,” he said.

The other industry Diva Investment and Management Group is in the garbage recycling sector. “We will also explore the possibility of generating electricity from garbage,” he said.

Zhi Li thanked the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCISL) for initiating this investment opportunity in Sri Lanka.

Source: http://www.dailynews.lk/2012/10/10/bus01.asp


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