Delta Corp buys 11 acre in Sri Lanka, to develop 4-5 star hotel

Listed gaming company Delta Corp has acquired 11 acre land parcel near Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. The company led by Jaydev Mody is planning to develop a 4/5 star fully integrated entertainment hotel/resort in Sri Lanka, the company informed Bombay Stock Exchange.

The hotel/resort will be developed through Delta’s wholly own subsidiary, Delta Hotels Lanka Pvt. Ltd.

“Sri Lanka, post the end of the three-decade long civil war, is now witnessing a tourism and industrialization boom. Delta Corp hopes to have an early mover advantage and be part of this growth,” the company said in its regulatory filing.

Delta Corp currently operates offshore live casinos in Goa, namely, Casino Royale”” and “”Casino Prime”” aboard separate vessels, namely M. V. Casino Royale and M. V. Caravela.

The company is also in the process of setting up its third offshore casino in India, namely, “”Kings Casino”” aboard vessel, namely M. V. Horseshoe Casino. In addition, Delta Corp’s Daman operations are slated to commence soon, the notice said.



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